Healthy In My Neighborhood

Harlem Seeds’ programs are geared towards inspiring and training future community leaders as advocates for the accessibility and consumption of fresh healthy foods in their neighborhoods; as well as with the necessary skills to transfer this knowledge and these skills to others within the community.

OUR Target:
Youth ages 3 to 21 years of age
Families-make it, eat it together
Intergenerational Seniors & our Youth, learn and grow together


Garden Education

Children involved in gardening become better educated and make healthier, more economical eating and lifestyle choices. Gardening education participants become better connected with the earth, seeds, plants and food and better aware of the lifecycle of plants and people. They will have a greater understanding of the nutritional, social and economic ties that interconnect the modern world. Gardening and working with plants improves concentration, attention and academic performance as well as pave a healthier road for our children who are increasingly facing obesity and type 2 diabetes as major health concerns. Participants are also exposed to the entrepreneurial opportunities in growing food, helping the environment, and building strong communities.

Culinary Education

Our “Seed to Table” concept includes learning how to prepare healthy, tasty dishes. The focus is teaching youth and families about foods that nourish the body. Using fresh fruits and vegetables along with various ingredients in order to become better educated, equipped, empowered and engaged on the foods we eat and should have access to in our communities. It is essential to be shown through our hands on approach learning side by side with community members.



Harlem Seeds around the neighborhood.

Harlem Seeds participates in various community events to help spark dialogue about FOOD, advocate for increasing the access to healthier options, and as a voice for the Harlem community.

Why We Partner

Harlem Seeds knows that there are a number of organizations serving multiple needs within the community. We like to cultivate “seeds of change” and believe there is a benefit to leveraging existing resources. This allows us to support and enhance existing programs, defray costs, and provide more impact to our community. Over the past three years, we established and nurtured deliberate relationships with the intention of creating more access to sustainable food resources, educating children and families and empowering a community. We’ve selected food organizations, schools and churches, etc.

HSYC - Kwasi Cooking

Culinary & Hospitality Training

Harlem Seeds’ Culinary & Hospitality Training 10-week program geared toward developing youth leaders to service their community from a holistic perspective. Obtain the skills they need for potential employment, become self-sufficient through food preparation and classroom training, provided by certified chefs.

Harlem Seeds Summer Camp

Harlem Seeds Summer Camp located in Harlem, New York is a six week program.

Elementary and Middle school children from ages 8 to 13 years old explore what “Healthy In Their Neighborhood” means to them in their community. Campers will begin to develop leadership skills necessary to become change agents in their communities. Central to this camp experience will be a strong emphasis on food justice, health and environmental education. Children will gain the confidence and aptitude to make healthier food and lifestyle choices.