Volunteer / Employment


Culinary Intern

Currently, Harlem Seeds is looking for culinary interns that can assist the Head Organic Chefs in the culinary program. In addition to having a flexible schedule as help will be needed at other special events throughout the community. The ideal Culinary Intern is dedicated to the art and skill of preparing healthy foods as well as invested in working with children, youth and families to impact the social and health development of our youth. The intern will also embody the principles of Harlem Seeds and is eager to join the team of this growing organization.

Schedule: Weekly classes as well as special events

Compensation: Unpaid, internship is for community service and experience


  • Currently enrolled or graduated from a technical school specialized in culinary arts, or 2 years prior experience in a food service industry (Not limited to this description)
  • Ability to relate positively to young children
  • Interest in nation’s obesity problem and using healthy cooking and eating to combat those statistics
  • Must be patient and well organized as well as dedicated to our students’ success through the mission of Harlem Seeds
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, solution oriented environment
  • Must be able to direct children for the facilitation of programs, child safety and potential emergency situations
  • Ability to motivate and maintain the interest of the students while setting an example in all areas, including time and attendance
  • Must have flexible availability

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Follows directions of the Head Organic Chef in preparing the class menu
  • Adapts to changes in menu quickly and when instructed to do so
  • Washes and preps foods for the menu
  • Maintains an orderly, clean and safe kitchen area at all times, including the proper maintenance of equipment
  • Assists in cleaning the preparation and dining areas before and after cooking
  • Able to talk to students knowledgeably about healthy cooking and eating
  • Performs demonstrations with students about safe usage of cooking utensils as well as rules of food safety and cleanliness
  • Embodies the principles of youth development through the mission and goals of the Harlem Seeds organization
  • Provide a safe but fun environment for youth
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Garden Cultivation Intern

Harlem Seeds is seeking a Garden Cultivation Intern to assist staff in planting, maintaining and harvesting our garden plots, which provides our organization with its fresh vegetable supply for events & workshops as well as serves as an example of urban agriculture and sustainable eating for the community. Interns should be enthusiastic about working outdoors and be willing to learn gardening skills in order to adopt the garden as their own special project. Interested applicants must feel comfortable working in groups as well as independently.

We seek applicants with a personal passion for Harlem Seeds’ mission and goals, as well as some connection or experience with public service, education, food, farming, public health, or community organizing. Additionally, we are interested in how an applicant expresses his or her commitment to this work, how Harlem Seeds can help him or her gain new experiences and skills, and how Harlem Seeds fits into long term personal and professional goals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Dedication and passion for a community service project that will beautify the neighborhood and demonstrate sustainability and seed-to-table values
  • Demonstrating ownership of the garden by exhibiting punctuality, consistency in tending to the space, and overall execution of gardening duties
  • Transporting materials into garden plot and running errands for needed supplies
  • Learning observational techniques revolving around weather, environmental influence, and soil type in order to zone garden space for various seed planting
  • Cultivating garden soil to prepare for planting using various tools under supervision of staff
  • Initial planting of seeds
  • Watering, weeding and cleaning garden area 3-4 times a week (time spent varies depending on weather)
  • Harvesting