What's Cooking at the Boys Club?

In February, Harlem Seeds began conducting cooking classes during the after school program at the Boys Club of New York (BCNY).  Every Tuesday a group of boys cook up a delicious meal together and end each class by sitting down to enjoy their meal.  Last week they made “chicken” parmesan with broccoli pasta.  Here’s what some of them have to say about their time in cooking class:

“My favorite thing about cooking class is I could make new foods and know what’s healthy and fresh because I make it myself.  Also I can make it for my family and friends I hope more kids can join because it is such a great experience and I want the kids to have all the fun I had.  That’s why I love cooking class.” – Age 11

“My favorite part is that we got to cook the food ourselves and we learn about the different types of foods.” – Age 10

“My favorite part about cooking is learning, how to cook nutritious and I could make it for my kids in the future.” – Age 10

“My favorite part of the cooking class is learning how to cut and how to make mixtures of foods.” – Age 12

“I like to learn about cooking, how to cook and eating the food your cook.” – Age 11

Look out for this delicious recipe soon in the recipe section on the site.


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