PAL Summer Gardening Program – Class 1

07/25/2011 — A group of kids from the Police Athletic League (PAL) got to experience a new and exciting activity today: planting their very own vegetable garden!  When we first arrived at the garden, the kids got a tour of the beautiful space covered with peach trees, peppers, tomatoes, grapes, eggplant and even okra.  After the tour it was time to get to work.  We had our own plot where the kids would get to start their garden completely from scratch.  They were excited to get their hands dirty and picked out all the weeds quickly and efficiently.  After raking the dirt we poured all of our Miracle-Gro soil over the plot and the kids all helped to even it out.  They even got to use some gardening tools to divide the plots into different rows.  Then it was time to plant!   Each child had a choice to plant peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, and/or tomatoes.  They each dug their own holes and placed the plants carefully inside.

The day was a fun learning and enjoyable experience for the kids, and everyone is looking forward to going back on Monday to see the changes in the plot!

This Post was written by Melissa Zimmerman


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