Farmers Market Festival

Farmers Market Festival

HarlemSeedsPosterRGB WM In anticipation and preparation for the new Harlem Seeds Farmers Market, scheduled open the Spring of 2014 in front of the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Center, the team pooled all of its resources together to run a trial market on Saturday, August 3rd.

The Festival brought together various people and organizations dedicated to helping everyone lead healthy, active lives. Along with our featured produce from Hazlett Farms and Corbin Hill CSA, we welcomed Mortgage Apple Cakes, Astor Row Cafe, Grow NYC, Green Thumb, Urban Garden, the Hansborough Community Center, Total Equity Now, and variety of local musicians to enhance the market. Harlem Seeds, of course, took pride of place in front of the market with Hazlett Farms, distributing information brochures and free samples of delicious food made from fresh, healthy ingredients offered at the market that day.
Though the day started a bit rough with the unexpected rain, an estimated total of 650 people visited our market during the span of 4 hours (from 12PM to 4PM). The Festival served as proof that people of Central Harlem definitely want more options for fresh, locally grown produce and food items. This is definitely an accomplishment worth celebrating about, one that will put us on the fast-track to finally opening a Farmers Market in Central Harlem that the community deserves!

IMG_8159M WM

Check out our photo album here!


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