Cooking It Up With GrowNYC Thanksgiving Produce Bags

Cooking It Up With GrowNYC Thanksgiving Produce Bags

Kale, collards, cabbage. Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, onions and apples: That was the bounty of fall produce found in each Thanksgiving Produce Bag that GrowNYC sold at La Marqueta this past Saturday.

And while GrowNYC folks were getting the bags into the hands of East Harlem residents, we were in the kitchen, cooking up a menu that included recipes for each and every vegetable and fruit found in the bag! We threw down with Smashed, Roasted & Boiled Potatoes with Garlic, Kale with Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted Yam Medallions, Roasted Apples, Sauteed Cabbage & Onions, plus a raw Cabbage & Apple Slaw on the side.

Harlem Seeds students and families were on hand to deliver samples of each dish to passersby, inviting all in to buy a bag, which were available for the low, low cost of $7 and available for purchase via cash or EBT. Each of the bags was made of reusable cloth, going along with a recycling event GrowNYC also sponsored. Each person who donated clothing items or clean textiles for reuse received a free energy-efficient CFL light bulb.

The produce in the bags was all sourced locally, from family-run farms committed to providing high-quality produce to New York City residents. The cabbage, potatoes, collards and kale were grown by Rottkamp Brothers Farm on Long Island, while the sweet potatoes were raised by Sarah Nicolosi Brothers Farm in New Jersey. Lichwick Farms in New Hampton, N.Y., grew the onions, while Cherry Hill

Orchard in New York’s Hudson River Valley grew the apples.

The Harlem Seeds crew also got the chance to meet with New York State Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez, New York City Councilwoman Inez Dickens, and Manhattan Deputy Borough President Rosemonde Pierre-Louis — all of whom were on hand to voice their support for the cause of food justice here in Harlem.

A happy, healthy Thanksgiving to all!


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