Harlem Seeds’ sole mission is to inspire children to live long and healthy lives. Our purpose is to develop a community of fit, energetic and lively children. We achieve this goal by employing an “action-oriented” model that educates, empowers, equips and engages our youth to become successful leaders in their communities.

Our vision is an ever-expanding community of children who are advocates and activists for living the healthiest and most sustainable lifestyle possible.

Harlem Seeds developed the Healthy Eating Lifecycle TM, which is designed to educate, empower, equip and engage young people in the community to eat & live according to the full range of lifecycle considerations – From farming all the way through to consumption. The Healthy Eating Lifecycle TM has four main sections:

  • Cultivation refers to managing a garden and/or farm for the production of food;
  • Selection refers to choosing wisely the healthiest food options; either from the harvested food in gardens/farms or from the grocery store/CSA’s/Farm Shares;
  • Preparation refers to the best ways to prepare foods to maximize nutrients and taste;
  • Consumption refers to which foods to eat, when, how often and knowing how they will benefit you (We recommend consulting a physician and/or a nutritionist to determine the best program for you)
Healthy Eating Lifecycle

We offer a myriad of customizable programs & activities to suit the unique needs of our partners. Our activities leverage our Healthy Eating Lifecycle TM, and may be categorized into any one of the four sections of our model. Some of our programs and activities include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-week Healthy Eating Lifecycle Program TM
  • Quarterly Healthy Eating Lifecycle Program TM
  • Workshops/Culinary Demonstrations
  • Community Events
  • Family-Style Dinners
  • Consultative Program Assessments & Evaluations
  • Staff Training